Sit - Click - Earn money

Sit - click - earn money

Have you heard about those things on internet? Yes, nowadays, you can make money just by sitting and clicking by "Paid to... " program. There are many kind of this program such as :
PTC (Paid to Click)
PTP (Paid to Promote)
PPC (Paid per Click)
PTSU (Paid to Sign Up)
and many more....
Now let's talk a little bit about those 4 things first :
1. PTC (Paid to Click)
Consider as its name, this program pays you everytime you make click on its ads. The money is vary from as low as $0.0001 until $10 per click.

2. PTP (Paid to Promote)
In this program, you'll get money or commission for each unique visitor through link you promote.usually it pays at least $0.1 for 1000 unique visitor.

3. PPC (Paid per Click)
PPC is similar with PTC. the difference is, in PPC, you get paid for each visitor click. You are the one who put ads on your blog/website and the one who clicked is your visitor. If you click your own ads, you'll not received credit. And if you do that for many times, you'll get banned and your credit will gone.

4. Paid to Sign Up (PTSU)
You will get paid for every sign up you make ! All you have to do is just click the link that offered in that program/website - sign up - copy paste your username and email as prove that you've already sign up. IS it need money? Sometimes YES ! Some link you clicked bring you to casino online or investment program that required your credit card or money first to sign up. I cannot tell the exact commission you get from your sign up. Usually you'll get $0.1 - $1

The advertisement for those program often says,
"You don't need any talent to do this ! Just use your mouse and finger ! No money needed !"
Is it true? NO ! Okay, maybe you don't need really great bussiness talent and GREAT amount of money. But still, it needs your concentration and money. My advice are :

Concentration about what happening in that PTC by visit forum daily or at least twice a week. If not, you will not know whether it will be scam or will be greater PTC. Example, if you see many members ask about their delayed payment and no reply at all from admin, then maybe it's a signal that admin will not pay anymore and scam people. And how about money? You can use your money to upgrade your membership or rent referral. It's okay if you don't want to do that. Then it means it will need longer time to cash out and sometimes, depend in your nationalities/location, you have to upgrade first to get payment from those programs.Concentrate on everything you will do, your payment, your membership, your stats, your daily earning, and the most important thing is your time ! Though you see those as part time job, it can be really consume your time :) Don't be careless about your time management while you see those as your part time job.

don't be greedy
Many people want fast and big money on this program. Let me tell you, it need effort. Big effort and investment for big money at first. It is almost impossible for you to receive big bucks if you don't invest at all. But if you are too greedy, you'll fall. You can't invest big money at once for upgrade and rent referral. You have to see first how well is your referral stats, how much money they make daily. Then you have to calculate, if you upgrade now, can you get the profit? If not, maybe you have to rent more and check again. When it tells you "you get the profit!", then go, upgrade your membership and earn more. But be careful, don't be greedy or you will broke to piece when admin stop pay/scam
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